So It Goes…

Thanks for joining me!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

That said, do we really want the way to be shorter? “No,” is the resounding word echoing in my head! The whole point of this is to put into words the bewilderment I feel almost daily now, trying to grasp the passage of time, wondering where the years have gone?! I recently turned 54, my only kid is turning 18 next week and has just finished his junior year of high school, which means this time next year (which is basically like six months at the rate time is passing now) we’ll be getting ready to send him off to college. You know, as long as things go as planned. And we do want things to go as planned of course. With all my heart I want for him to succeed; to go off to college and to follow his own path. It’s just that he’s been my sidekick for so long that the thought of him not being here fills me with a sense of complete and utter loneliness. Okay, so it doesn’t help that my BFF of 48 years, who also happens to be my baby bro, just left the East Coast this week to move out West. I’ve known for eight years that the move was coming, but it seems incomprehensible to me that the time has now arrived. Time is just moving forward at warp speed in seems!

It’s not that raising a kid is my only accomplishment thus far, or that I don’t have things I could do. I’m a planner. I’ve always set goals and looked ahead, so I did things along the way to assure myself that I wouldn’t feel lost, or that I’d missed out on living, at this point in life. Go figure. A life long world traveler, I’ve seen so many amazing places, had some crazy fun adventures, and met some freaking awesome people along the way. I had a professional career as a dental hygienist (retired to raise my son), went back to school for a second college degree a few years back and did BioPsych research for awhile. I’m also a ballet dancer, I’ve got some crazy art skills (thank you mom for passing on those genes), play the piano, and am an avid reader. This isn’t meant boastfully, it’s just to point out that I’ve packed a ton of experiences into my 54 years with the idea that I would feel accomplished or at least content when I reached this point it life. Nope. I just feel like I blinked, and suddenly here I am, wondering, what now?